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Steps to Use Google Tag Manager To Improve Your SEO

Why Use Google Tag Manager?

Before learning the Steps to Use Google Tag Manager, Know about Why to use it. Sometimes you need to add some tags in your code. For this, you need to bother your developer to add Google Tag Manager Code, pixels, snippets or scripts. Google tag manager allows you to update your code without the help of a developer. Google Tag Manager is all about tags and code snippets and it helps to organize them which can be proved as better user experience. It helps your site to run in a better way and efficiently.

A tag is something that helps you to understand user behavior. Besides this it allows you check your online campaigns and measure traffic on your site. Some famous Google Tags For SEO are AdWords, Google Analytics, Crazy Egg, and Floodlight. You can also customize any tag you want to create.

Steps to Use Google Tag Manager
Steps to Use Google Tag Manager

How Does Actually Google Tag Manager work?

Google Tag Manager allows you to update the following things:

  • Tags on the site: – In this marketing or optimizing tags would be included. Google Analytics, AdWords conversion tracking is such marketing tags.
  • Configuration values: – This is for mobile apps. You can change configuration values so easily in your mobile app. position, timeout, game play dynamics are involved in this.


Google Tag manager helps you to manage your code and saves your time. Here are some interesting Ways to Use Google Tag Manager for SEO.

Steps To Use Google Tag Manager:-

  • Make your data structured:- Structure data is the best way to present the information on your site. This will provide a better understand the ability to search engine. And this can be done through a short snippet. That short code will be directly added to the source code of your website or app.  You need to add this code to every page where ever you want your data in structured form.


  • Video Tracking:- You can keep track of your YouTube video. Are your customer watching it or not, Are they beneficial for your website or not? Are they able to bring traffic to your site or not? You need to add a tag to confirm that a page has a youtube video or not. Once it’s get confirmed than proceed with the tracking.

  • Classify blog posts in Google Analytics: – You have a site and you want to know that which kind of blog post would be great for your website? Lunametrics is a Google tag manager which suggests boosting Google Analytics. This is the way we can analyze that which kind of blog would be perfect for your site. What it should include video or number of pictures etc.


  • Give unique look to your website: – This is quite difficult to ensure that your site does not have any duplicate page. So by just adding include self-referencing rel canonical URL tags, you can ensure the uniqueness of the site.


All the above Google Tag Manager Tips will work to make your site available on top Google ranks. These Steps to Use Google Tag Manager can contribute really well in SEO for your website and these things will help you to take better decision for your site. From last few years, these tags are showing some really effective results.

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