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Guest Blogging for SEO: Why Guest Blogging is Not Dead?

Guest Blogging for SEO is one of the methods used by bloggers in order to increase blog traffic where regularly bloggers write posts to be published on another blogger’s blog. Guest Blogging is working in two different ways.

  • You can write a post to publish on another person’s blog
  • Another person writes a post to publish on your blog


Guest Blogging for SEO
Guest Blogging for SEO

You should be very careful about Guest Blogging Guidelines because many websites use guest blogging as a way to create links to their site. If the primary reason for having visitors post published is to links back to other websites, search engines frown upon this. In fact, Google penalizes sites frequently, which use guest posting for the SEO link building purpose. If you want to know more the decay and fall of guest blogging for SEO, then you can read Matt Cutts blog. Here is some of the information given to you, which taken from Cutts guest blogging.

Guest Blogging Declared as Dead:

Google person Matt Cutts, the head of webspam fundamentally proclaimed that Guest Blogging is Dead. Throughout recent years, Google has been cautioning webmaster about guest blogging. He received an email from a substance advertiser that providing a guest blog entry instead of doing follow connection or two in the same article.

Cutts calls it as a reasonable violation of Google’s guidelines. In general, he would not recommend accepting a guest blog entry except you are ready to assure for somebody personally. In this same manner, he would not propose depending on guest posting, guest blogging sites, or even Guest Blogging for SEO as a link building method.

Later, he wound up updating the post and toning down some fundamental message. Cutts said that he is not trying to toss the child out within the shower water.  Still, plenty of reasons are there such as marking, introduction, group, expanded achieve, etc. Moreover, he also changed the title of this post to make it very clear that he is discussing Guest Blogging for SEO.

guest blogging – internet concept – text in vintage letterpress wood type stained by color inks with a cup of coffee

Now, the title remains as the decay and fall of Guest Blogging for SEO. Mutt does not say all guest blogging is dead. When you read his blog thoroughly, you will clearly see that this post is about spammy visitor’s posts, garbage, not genuine and well-written blog posts. If you read above, you will get to know what he is actually trying to say.

You know should about Paid Guest Blogging, there is a business, which has developed around the selling of blog-post placements for the purpose of SEO. You have to give money to the blog owner, and then blog owner places your post on their website, and you will get a link back to yours. Probably, it is chain action, and unsurprisingly this has made to plenty of garbage content. Some blog posts exist for no valid reasons, but the site owners paid for placement.

Overall, Matt Cutts does not say that guest blogging is dead, but he says that spammy guest blogging for SEO is dead.

Some of The Decay and Fall of Guest Blogging for SEO:

  • After dodging this question for sometimes, Matt Cutts has his foot down on it. When you are using guest blogging as a way to get spammy and cheap links for the purpose improving your SEO, you have to stop it immediately.


  • If you develop a relationship with a blogger who has the capability of love to hear what you want to say, then just go ahead and write some guest blog post. Probably, Guest Blogging for SEO will always be a great way for bloggers to share stories, interact, and increase readership with the target audience.


  • Do you know one thing? No blogger knows everything about everything. Introducing the occasional blog post will be a better way to expose your target readers to stuff that they would love to know. However, you do not have much experience in that.

Whether you have to convince a blogger to include a backlink to your website or you, have to hint at anything that makes a blogger link to you. Or else, you need to try to do some sneak links into your guest’s post without the blogger realizing it.

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