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Absyntech IT Consultant is the pioneer in the field of digital marketing, software development, web design, and Development Company in Jaipur, India. We are shaping the world of all IT solutions and developments. We offer the best services in every industry across the nation and globe. Currently, we are extending our practical experience in the field of Big Data training course for those aspiring candidate who wants to build their career in Big Data Development field. It is worth mentioning the fact that there is so much demand for good knowledge and professional Big Data Developing expert across India. Big Data Development course normally includes Installation of Virtual Box, Data formats, HDFS design and architecture etc.

Absyntech IT Consultant: Big Data (Hadoop) Training

Become a part of our team; we are looking for ambitious, well-motivated people, who are interested in the digital marketing field. This position requires creative thinking and great communication skill both oral and written. Following are the concepts and field where which you will get to know after completion of our training course.

Module 1

  • Virtual Box/VM Ware Basics, Installations, Backups, Snapshots
  • ClouderaVM Installations
  • Hadoop, Scaling, Distributed Framework, Hadoop v/s RDBMS, Brief history of Hadoop,
    Problems with traditional large-scale systems, Requirements for a new approach,
    Anatomy of Hadoop cluster, Other Hadoop Ecosystem Components
  • Setup Hadoop, Pseudo mode, Cluster mode, Installation of Java, Hadoop, Configuration of Hadoop,
    Hadoop Processes(NN, SNN, JT, DN, TT), Temporary directory
    UI, Common errors when running Hadoop cluster, Solutions, cluster creation

Module 2

  • Data Science Fundamentals and R Programming
  • Data formats, Data read and write, Data cleaning and transformation;
    R basics, Lists, arrays, matrices, tables, functions, objects, Data frame, factor R scatterplot,
    Biplot, correlation, histogram, boxplot, barplot, pair-plot.
  • Handling large matrices, Basic result in probability
    Basic definitions in statistics
    Sampling from given distributions, random sampling from data
    Summarizing random samples using statics, summarizing and analyzing data.

Module 3

  • HDFS - Hadoop Distributed File System
  • HDFS design and architecture, HDFS Concepts, Interacting HDFS Using Command Line,
    Dataflow, Blocks, Replica.
  • Hadoop Processes, Name node, Secondary name node, Job tracker, Task tracker, Data node

Module 4

  • MapReduce Developing MapReduce application, Phases in MapReduce framework,
    MapReduce input and output formats, Advanced concepts, Sample applications, Combiner
  • File Creation and File Manipulation,
    Implementing Automatic Seekbar Using Handler class and
    Introduction to Asynchronous Task Class.

Module 5

  • Hadoop Programming Language
  • HIVE : Introduction, Installation, Configuration, Interacting HDFS using HIVE
    MapReduce programs through Hive, HIVE commands, Loading
    Filtering, Grouping, Data types, Operators, Joins, Groups, Sample programs in HIVE

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